About Mapmylearning

Flexible to your own learning style

You learn differently from everyone else, so why shouldn't you have a test prep solution that caters to your needs? Our adaptive test prep solution creates a customized course based on your skills, your time, and what you need to maximize your score on. The suggestive learning feature allows you to know WHAT you need to practice and HOW in the right direction. With unlimited assessment available to you we have our courses not just adapted to some- its adaptive to YOU.

Testing as a means of learning

MapMyLearning business is to provide "Testing as a means of learning" for students through high quality assessments and ability to extract fundamental knowledge levels and learning models. This information will be used to create a directed, actionable feedback and engine for displaying learning questions to students. Our analysis and testing services will be best in class across the globe and will combine strong and deep understanding of academics with very high end predictive analytics.


Accessible anywhere you are

MML operates on a platform flexible enough to be accessible everywhere you are. Whether you're on a desktop at home or traveling with your laptop or mobile, you have an instant portal into the same intuitive lesson plans and adaptive learning engine. It's that easy!

Learn with the experts

Our online programs are guaranteed to deliver results. MML's expert teachers have years of experience in preparing students for success in the tests. Now this expertise is available to you in the form of Need help feature wherein you can get help from teachers immediately and have your doubts cleared.